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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property
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Fire Spinklers Save Lives

Two sprinkler saves in Maple Grove

NEWS from the City of Lakeville: Sprinklers Help Avert Disaster at Lakeville Theater. Read the article!

Bollywood Bistro (formerly Kabob and Curry, and something before that) Around 6:30 pm, grilling chicken in kitchen, grease in the grill ignited. One sprinkler head activated and controlled the fire. An employee also used a fire extinguisher. The clean up from this fire was a little more extensive.

Biaggi’s, around 2:00 am. Cleaning contractors on site cleaning kitchen hood system. They “blew out” the pilot lights on the stoves and covered the stoves with plastic sheeting so the goo that came out of the hoods would flow to the floor for easier clean up. They blew out the pilots but did not shut off the gas. So gas accumulated under the plastic during the cleaning. When they were finished and removed the plastic, the gas ignited. The fire ball caused one sprinkler head to go off. The flash also caused minor injury to one of the cleaning employees. Biaggi’s was cleaned up and inspected by the health department and back in business for lunch today.